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A thing about Catchwaters..

One of the projects that I've been working on is understanding the type of animals that use catchwaters because of the available food and water source that can be found within, whilst finding solutions to allow wildlife to exit these large traps without diminishing it's purpose for humanity. A lee-way that benefits both humanity's needs for freshwater whilst allowing wildlife to do their thing without the need for our intervention.

During a check in we stumbled across this Red-necked Keelback (Rhabdophis helleri) that had unfortunately slithered down a section that was being renovated with heavy-duty emulsion paint. This stuff was awful, thick and sticky and a hazard just to touch it with a finger, let alone be covered head to tail. It was pried off the paintwork but the snake was tiring quickly from the emulsion solidifying.

It was agreed upon after tirelessly finding an NGO that was willing to assist to euthanise the snake the best way possible to end the suffering and to remove the body so it didn't encourage critters to be covered in the paint whilst feeding on the body. A sad evening all round.

Whilst the need to fortify these channels are somewhat necessary to fulfil the freshwater requirements, the application of emulsion paint was managed poorly (honestly it's not needed) and results in unnecessary dealings with wildlife.

A small issue perhaps, but given the number of constructions happening in Hong Kong alone, then around the world, little imagination is needed to understand just how much damage we cause to nature.

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