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Lawrence is a Hong Kong-British freelance photojournalist, passionate about story-telling through the lens. His photography work covers a variety of topics that tell the Hong Kong story. It is his mission to promote ecological conservation through his artistic approach to nature photography. His work includes wildlife education as well, using visual tools to document facts and stories about the wildlife he encounters.

With a background in photography, having received his training at the University of Plymouth, Lawrence’s interest for wildlife photography stemmed from a passion for caving. His interest in speleology showed him the intricacy of nature and to help out in speleological conservation that involved bats, water quality and freshwater macroinvertebrate surveys and understanding how human activities on the surface could affect underground ecology.  

Since his return to Hong Kong, he has diversified his attention to all wildlife. To capture the unique photos of animals, he embarks on arduous journeys in the night and explores every corner of Hong Kong’s nature to show vibrant and exciting scenes of wildlife that’s just beyond the concrete jungle. Initially started out as a photographic project, Lawrence’s attention turned to environmental concerns between human and wildlife conflicts; in particular rescuing snakes and sometimes other animals often found trapped inside catchwaters,  and tries to educate local hikers in person and online about respecting and protecting Hong Kong’s incredible wildlife.

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